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Buy Valtrex (Valacyclovir) 1000mg Online Pharmacy

Valtrex is classified as an antiviral medication. Valacyclovir undergoes rapid and near-complete conversion to acyclovir in the human body due to valacyclovir hydrolase. Valtrex is prescribed to prevent genital herpes in a healthy sexual partner with a normal immune system. The recommended dosage is 500 mg taken once daily. For regular sexual encounters, Valtrex should be taken daily for a duration of a year or more. Alternatively, if infrequent, the treatment can commence 3 days before engaging in sexual activity.

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Benefits of Valtrex Online

Valtrex is indicated for adults and children aged 12 and above, serving to prevent viral infections and reject organ transplants. In the early stages following surgery, a recommended dosage of 2 g should be administered four times daily.

Patients grappling with chronic kidney disease necessitate an individually tailored Valtrex dosage determined by the physician based on creatinine clearance. Ongoing medical supervision is essential for these individuals due to the higher likelihood of neurologic complications. For patients undergoing hemodialysis, the prescribed Valtrex dose should be administered after the dialysis session.

Prudent administration of elevated Valtrex doses is essential for patients with liver ailments, particularly severe cirrhosis.

Overdosing on Valtrex can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea and vomiting), neurological symptoms (headache, confusion, and hallucinations), along with acute kidney injury. In such instances, hemodialysis proves to be an effective treatment.

Valtrex Usage for Children

No clinical data currently support the use of Valtrex in children. Therefore, individuals under the age of 12 should refrain from using this medication.

Valtrex is exclusively prescribed to children aged 12 and above to counter viral infections (including cytomegalovirus) and to prevent organ transplant rejection.

For all other medical indications, Valtrex is not recommended until the individual reaches 18 years of age.

Valtrex During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Insufficient safety data are available regarding the use of Valtrex during pregnancy.

Valtrex can only be considered when the potential advantages for the mother outweigh the risks to the developing fetus. Notably, animal trials have not demonstrated any teratogenic effects of Valtrex on fetuses.

Considering that Valtrex can be transferred through breast milk, there exists a likelihood of adverse effects on breastfed infants. Caution must be exercised when administering Valtrex to breastfeeding mothers.

Drug Interactions

Exercising caution is crucial when administering Valtrex alongside other medications that are also eliminated through the kidneys and may contribute to kidney failure, as this could lead to elevated concentrations of both drugs.

Immunosuppressants like Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus, Probenecid, and Cimetidine can impact the blood concentration of Valtrex, among others. Vigilant monitoring of renal function is advisable during Valtrex treatment, particularly when used in conjunction with any of the aforementioned drugs.

Valtrex and Alcohol

While there aren't explicit warnings against concurrent use of alcohol and Valtrex, it's prudent to avoid combining Valtrex, as well as any other antiviral medication, with alcohol. This is due to the combined toxic effect on nerve cells, liver function, and the respiratory center.

Valtrex and alcohol share similar side effects:

  • Alcohol consumption may result in encephalopathy, cognitive decline, headaches, impaired coordination, seizures, and even loss of consciousness. Valtrex yields analogous nervous system side effects.
  • Prolonged alcohol consumption contributes to liver cell demise and the onset of cirrhosis. Similarly, long-term use of Valtrex can exert a comparable hepatotoxic influence.
  • Alcohol suppresses the respiratory center, potentially leading to respiratory failure. Valtrex, through its impact on the respiratory center, can also precipitate breathing difficulties.

Combining Valtrex with alcohol can give rise to unforeseen outcomes, potentially exacerbating allergic reactions. Consequently, refraining from alcohol consumption while on this medication is strongly recommended.

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